Freestyle Freeride

The FS is the ultimate weapon of choice for high-performance freestyle and big air action.

Performance features

  • Tailored specifically for radical freestyle and big air manoeuvres
  • Direct control and explosive vertical lift
  • Efficient upwind performance and exceptional stability
  • Optimum line slack for advanced freestyle tricks
  • Engineered for high-performance powerful action








Advanced freestyle action

Boasting explosive radical performance, Version 7 of the FS is the most progressive kite design for advanced freestyle action. Characterised by dynamic vertical lift, you can boost higher, loop harder, and pop aggressively while remaining in control.

Open-C 5 strut design

Tailored to the needs of professional riders, the FS’ open-C 5 strut design has all the traits of a genuine C-kite for advanced action. Selected as the weapon of choice by former World Champion Arthur Guillebert, the FS maintains accessible performance even to those climbing the ranks.

Optimum bar feedback

While remaining incredibly stable and efficient, the FS has a wide angle of attack and comes into play when looping the kite or popping out of the water. Pulley-free bridles achieve direct turning impulses and the optimum bar feedback puts the rider in control of the smooth constant power development.

Explosive lift

The explosive lift is protected by its stable durability under any load, with new panel cuts in the canopy to distribute force more efficiently and make looping even more accessible and fun! The weight is optimised across all sizes and V7 features new XT light fabric in the 14m, reducing the weight of the inflatable structure by 15%.

Better control

The FS is agile and dynamic, yet the thin LE tips and improved deflectors also protect from the risk of bridle wrap. Riders now have even better control when handle passing or performing advanced freestyle moves.

High performance freestyle

If you’re looking to match your own raw power, the FS is the kite of choice to tear down the limits!

Riding Characteristics


Windrange, hangtime, crossover

Big Air

Hangtime, hooked riding, kiteloops, fast turning

Freestyle Wakestyle

Unhooked riding, slack and pop, explosive power


Stability, easy relaunch, predictable handling


Stable in lightwind, balanced power


Drift, controlled power, fast turning

Technical Specifications

  • High velocity turn
  • Wingtip turner
  • Powerful turn

The turning characteristics of the FS are optimized for radical boosts as it instantly reacts to steering impulses. During turns, the kite generates grunty power, and you will experience staggering forward momentum in kite loops. The FS is perfect for sending massive mega loops.

  • High AR
  • Good upwind performance
  • Efficient high lift / drag ratio

The 5-Strut high aspect ratio enables the FS to travel upwind readily. It is highly performant throughout the whole wind range thanks to its superior aerodynamics.

  • Medium to low sweep
  • Explosive power
  • Vertical lift

The low wingtip sweep of the FS enhances the radical power of the kite. Thanks to the open C-Design, the kite has a vertical lift while always providing direct control.

Size in m²

All weights without bag.
*Weight tolerance +/- 5%

Scroll inside the table to see all sizes.


Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the kite light and agile.

Arthur Guillebert

2021 Freestyle World Champion

“When I am looking for the explosive power I need to perform more radical freestyle tricks, then the FS is my number-one choice with its cutting-edge design that delivers move after move.”

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