Freeride Wing

The WFS’s ease of handling and exceptional aerodynamics deliver freeride performance in any condition.

Performance features

  • Performance freeride wing suited to all levels and conditions
  • Lightweight full carbon CS Wing bar for aerodynamic stability
  • Easy handling with intuitive hand positioning
  • Direct feel that’s natural to control without fatigue
  • Stiff and light with easy drift and power generation








Freeride performance in any condition

The WFS V5 has a direct feel that’s natural to control and easy to use in all conditions and across all disciplines. Packed with technical innovations, it’s stiff and light with easy drift and power generation that delivers pure freeride performance.

Fast and responsive dynamic handling

The WFS harnesses power with ease yet the perfect canopy tension results in a fast and intuitive easy-to-handle wing. With a well-balanced V-shape and reduced turbulence, the WFS responds directly and won’t drag you down.

Stable and robust construction

Featuring world-leading Teijin X4 ripstop material, the WFS has a stiff wingspan for maximum stability. Using a light yet tough construction, the canopy and frame have achieved optimised airflow for less drag and improved pumping ability.

New full carbon CS Bar

The CS Wing Bar design has evolved into a new full-carbon version which is much lighter for aerodynamic stability. Limiting fatigue, the new bar allows for natural handling and intuitive hand positioning for stability. The new ergonomic oval CS Bar shape and redesigned EVA grip also give better torque control and direct wing handling.

Changes for V5

In addition to the new CS Bar, the redesigned shape of the struts gives better wing balance optimised for arm length. The deeper profile has also increased the low-end capabilities allowing for easier pump action. Version 5 has more stable drift, less drag and increased high-end too, and the new dihedral shape has been optimised for stability and harness use.

Who is it for?

The WFS is suited to riders of all levels, disciplines and in any condition. It’s stable, durable and extremely light, allowing easy upwind ability and downwind drift. You can work on new freestyle manoeuvres, or even ride waves undisturbed with single or even freehand control for that ultimate surf feeling.

Riding Characteristics


Control, Windrange


Power Development


Easy to Ride, Control, Pumping


Upwind, Shape-Stability


Neutrality, Drift

Technical Specifications

  • Low Aspect Ratio with single middle strut
  • Deep profile for maximum power development
  • V-shape to keep the wing tips out of the water and further drift stability

The WFS has a low aspect ratio with a single middle strut. This gives a deep profile for maximum power development. The V-shape also helps to keep the wing tips out of the water and allows further neutral drift stability.

  • Large central Leading Edge diameter for stiffness and power
  • XT Fabric for rigidity and durability
  • Single inflation system
  • Light German TPU bladder material

The large central leading edge adds stiffness and power while the durable XT fabric provides rigidity. The single inflation system keeps the WFS simple and easy to use.

  • Short and light integrated carbon handle bar for versatile grip options
  • CS carbon wing bar in 2 sizes – 3 and 4m =90cm / 5 and 6m = 100cm
  • Direct handling with efficient power delivery and stability in all conditions
  • Intuitive hand positioning and easy handling
  • LE handle for one handed surf/downwind control
  • Coiled wrist leash for maximum safety included

The WFS is optimised for control with intuitive hand positioning and easy handling. The length of the lightweight integrated CS wing bar has been adjusted to suit the wing size and has versatile grip options. The leading edge also has a handle for single-handed surf/downwind control. Its direct handling allows efficient power delivery and stability in all conditions.

Size in m²
Spam in m**
Center in m***
2 3 4 5 6
1.94 2.13 2.43 2.76 2.95
2.15 2.5 2.9 3.3 3.52
1.2 1.4 1.62 1.82 2.02
8.5 8.5 8 7 7
All weights without bag. *Weight tolerance +/- 5% Scroll inside the table to see all sizes.


Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the kite light and agile.

Peter Stiewe

Product Designer

“The WFS V5 underwent some shape adjustments to give it very easy and intuitive control. The new lightweight carbon bar offers very intuitive hand positioning for natural control in any condition.”

3D View

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