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About Eleveight

We have a strong passion for water sports. An urge to be out there. This fuels the brand we created. Our main drive is born from our roots and enthusiasm. The entire Eleveight family have a deep love for our sport, inspired by the different disciplines, the rider community and the ocean environment.

Eleveight is proud to remain one of the last family-driven and independently-owned brands in today’s market. This freedom and flexibility spark our drive and passion to develop products and services with 100% focus on performance, quality, functionality and innovation.

Our unwavering enthusiasm, coupled with great product design makes all the difference.

Our Passion is Yours

Peter Stiewe

Product Designer / Founder

"Creating Eleveight was like liberating the inner passion. With more than 30 years of experience to develop and design watersport products, I enjoy now having the total freedom and focus on innovation and product performance."

Robert Bratz

Marketing Director / Founder

“Eleveight is for me the essence of our long-term passion for water sports, our dedication to performance products, and our experience and friendships in the industry.”

Phil Martin

Sales Director / Founder

“Eleveight is born from a dream I always had to manage a family company that follows the same passions I've had since a child. Being surrounded by the best people and friends, our goal is to offer unparalleled products that give maximum pleasure to our riders.”