Commander AG PRO

Performance Freestyle

The Commander AG Pro is tailor-made for competitive riders seeking top-level freestyle performance.

Performance features

  • High-tech freestyle twintip for pro-level performance
  • Lightest Spread Tow Carbon for more refined flex
  • Multi-channel triax bottom for the ultimate grip
  • Composite Penol Rails for hard flex and dynamic power
  • Multi-stage rocker for increased pop with easy landings


134 x 40.5

137 x 41.5

141 x 42.5


Pro-level performance

Taking freestyle performance to a whole new level, the Commander AG Pro V2 is designed to offer a superior advantage. Based on the DNA of the Commander then tailor-made for former World Champion Arthur Guillebert, the pro model is lighter and more aggressive to meet competition demands on performance.

Lightest Spread Tow Carbon

Packed with top materials, we have made no compromise in designing the Commander AG Pro. To ensure the best performance we have used a full top layer of the lightest carbon. The result is a significant reduction in weight with superior refined flex patterns perfect for competing in freestyle.

Grip, pop and easy landings

Built to land the most complex tricks, the AG Pro has a multi-channel bottom design to give the ultimate grip. The tips feature Double Torsion Diffusers to increase the pop yet maintain easy landings.

Hard Flex with Dynamic power development

The composite Penol Rails are the key to making the AG Pro much stiffer and with a faster rebound. We achieved this by adding a laminated sidewall to increase torsional rigidity to make it much harder, a technique used for top-notch racing skis.

New for V2

Version two reaches new levels featuring lighter spread tow carbon and additional reinforcements around the impact zones. New STF carbon stringers on the top deck refine the rebound and torsional flex, and stronger triax glass now features on the bottom. Complete with new standout graphics, V2 now performs at an even higher level. V2’s sustainably sourced materials include a new GreenPoxy bio-resin that has not only reduced the ecological footprint, but increased the durability for longevity too.

Who is it for?

The Commander AG PRO is designed by the pros for ambitious riders competing to push the limits. Packed with high-tech materials with top performance in mind, the latest version has a fresh look and will get you climbing the ranks to podium position.

Riding Characteristics

Freestyle Wakestyle​

Pop, stable landings, park

Freestyle Big Air

Grip, smooth landings, speed


Big windrange, comfort, upwind, carving


Easy to ride, comfort, control

Light wind

Early planning, lightweight, dynamic

Rider Weight
60-75 kg<85kg+75kg
G10 fins – 30mmG10 fins – 30mmG10 fins – 30mm

*Weight tolerance +/- 5%

**Board delivered with fins only

Technical Specifications

  • Multi Stage Rocker
  • Incredible pop and grip
  • Great upwind performance and early planing

The Commander AG PRO has a leading multi-stage rocker that not only cushions hard landings but enhances radical pops. Outstanding grip is also provided by the rocker as well as ease of upwind travel.

  • Hard flex for dynamic power development
  • Optimized flex patterns for each size
  • Harder reverse flex for controlled landings
  • Reduced torsional flex for direct board control

The hard flex of the Commander AG Pro allows you to load up the board, causing an explosive and dynamic pop. The hard reverse flex and the reduced torsional flex provide full control in any situation.

  • Elliptic outline with rounded tips
  • Great carving ability
  • Composite Penol Rails for a dynamic ride design
  • Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) for more grip upwind abilities
  • Double Torsion Diffuser (DTD) for better pop

The ultra-smooth carving ability of the Commander AG Pro is thanks to the elliptic outline with rounded tips. The bevelled rails define softer and stiffer zones on the board, greatly enhancing the pop and overall performance, and the Penol Sidewalls enhance torsional rigidity.

  • Multi channel design with rail steps
  • Tri channel tip design for ultimate grip
  • Railsteps for better upwind ability
  • Torsion box with flat center

The bottom shape of the Commander AG PRO separates it from other freestyle boards on the market. An elaborate multi-channel design with rail steps as well as tri-channel construction on the tips, produces a unique grip providing full control. The flat centre also acts as a grind base.


Eleveight boards are build with dedication, experience and highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe.

Arthur Guillebert

2021 Freestyle World Champion

“We developed the Commander AG Pro using the best technology and materials to give the maximum advantage in freestyle. I can inject full power into my tricks while staying in control, helping me to stay on top in competitions.”

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