Foil / Light Wind

Excelling in light wind performance, the OS comes alive in a slight breeze making it the top choice for all foil riders.

Performance features

  • One strut mid-swept hybrid design for foiling and freeriding
  • Feather-light and ultra-durable with XT Light fabric
  • Highly efficient and stable performance kite with dynamic turning speed
  • Optimised aspect ratio for superior light wind performance
  • Backstall and bridle wrap proof with automatic relaunch characteristics







Light Open C-Kite

Outperform in a slight breeze with the OS dedicated foil and freeride kite. Discover a whole new world of kiteboarding under 10 knots with V4 of our feather-light Open-C kite design.

Light Material

Now even lighter, achieved using XT Light fabric and bladder material made in Germany, the OS has outstanding agility, direct control and stability.

Effortless efficiency

The OS is easy to tame, and the steering is well-defined and precise. The power deployment is astonishingly smooth even in stronger gusts, or when looping during transitions and switching stance. The fluid movements in the sky naturally translate to the rider with effortless efficiency.

New For V4

For V4 we’ve removed the pulleys on the bridle allowing for more direct bar feedback and less bar travel. The overall weight reduction has resulted in a more advanced low-wind kite that’s sturdy yet lighter than ever before.

Add the OS to your quiver and take off in any breeze.

Riding Characteristics


Windrange, hangtime, crossover

Big Air

Hangtime, hooked riding, kiteloops, fast turning

Freestyle Wakestyle

Unhooked riding, slack and pop, explosive power


Stability, easy relaunch, predictable handling


Stable in lightwind, balanced power


Drift, controlled power, fast turning

Technical Specifications

  • Fast and responsive turning speed
  • Pivot to wingtip turner
  • Medium power drift turn

The speedy OS turns on the spot, generating power that is gentle and easy to handle. Perfect for initiating tight turns to support your foiling or in your surfing manoeuvres.

  • Medium AR
  • Big wind window range
  • Outstanding lightwind performance

The OS covers an enormous wind range and readily travels upwind. It shines particularly in light wind where only a slight breeze is needed to get going.

  • Medium sweep
  • Balanced power generation
  • Smooth lift and acceleration

The medium wingtip sweep of the OS enhances the balanced power generation. You will always stay in full control as lift and acceleration are also buttery smooth and comfortable.

Size in m²

All weights without bag.
*Weight tolerance +/- 5%

Scroll inside the table to see all sizes.


Eleveight kites are built with innovative and quality workmanship. Details are strategically designed for long lasting durability, while keeping the kite light and agile.

Peter Stiewe

Founder / Kite Designer

“Building a lightweight yet durable construction is a tough challenge, a challenge we met by combining high-tech materials with innovative development techniques.”

3D View

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