Surf / Foil​

Plus range

Our Plus range features superior materials that are ultra lightweight and dynamic for high-performance riding.




Surf / Foil Plus Range

Products in the Plus Range

Escape+ V3

Freestyle Surf (CFT)

Curl+ V3

Performance Surf (CFT)

Medium density PU foam

Our Polyurethane Blank (PU) foam is not only strong but also super light – it ensures optimal board feel and creates the perfect buoyancy.

Inegra/carbon vector grid einforcements

Regular surfboards easily dent or snap in hard landings or wipe-outs. Our strong Inegra/ Carbon Vector Grid tremendously enhances the board’s durability at points of high stress.


After the CNC machine provides the perfect blank, Portugal’s most experienced shapers take over. With an eye for detail they shape and glass each board to perfection.

Carbon flex technology (cft)

The CFT construction combines the highest quality materials for the perfect mix of control, comfort and board feedback. The integrated carbon stringer enhances the board’s flex even further.