Escape+ V3

Freestyle Surf (CFT)

For premium performance, the Escape Plus is the ultimate board for chasing small waves or exploding into radical strapless freestyle tricks.

Performance features

  • Versatile noseless shape for strapless freestyle and surfing small waves
  • Premium CFT construction that generates a pure surf feel
  • Short rail line to minimise drag and optimise pop
  • Thruster fin set up with Futures box
  • Hand shaped for high performance






Versatile in shape

Taking the Escape to the next level, the Escape + is versatile in shape and premium in performance.

Noseless design

Featuring a noseless design and our top level CFT construction, the Escape + delivers a pure surf feel in small to medium waves and explosive freestyle potential. Using the short rail line shape of the Escape, we’ve minimised drag and optimised pop, and for the Plus model we’ve gone even further.

Premium construction

The PU core features a wooden stringer and is laminated in Polyester with an Innegra/carbon vector grid for increased durability. The single concave bottom generates speed and provides insane dynamic drive, while reinforced fin boxes keeps your ride secure even in the sketchiest landings.

Hand-shaped for high performance

Hand shaped in Portugal, the Escape + is the choice of snappy riders seeking versatile top performance from their board.

Riding Characteristics

Big Wave

Down the line, sideshore, powerful turns

Medium Wave

Onshore, creating speed, snappy turns


Early planing, lightwind, all-conditions

Strapless Freestyle

Pop, rotations, stability

Dimension “
Dimension cm
Rider Weight
Fin Box
delivered with
5’0 x 17” x 1 15/16” 5’2 x 18″ x 2″ 5´4 x 18 ½” x 2 1/16″
152 x 43 x 5cm 158 x 46 x 5cm 163 x 47 x 5cm
19 Ltr 21.5 Ltr 23.8 Ltr
<70 kg 65 – 80 kg 75 – 90+ kg
Futures Futures Futures
Board Only Board Only Board Only
2.9kg 3.1kg 3.3kg

*board only / Weight tolerance +/- 5%

**Board delivered with fins only

Technical Specifications

  • Low Rocker
  • Provides early planing and speed in fast sections and flats
  • Perfect for small waves of all types and strapless freestyle

The low rocker line of the Escape guarantees early planing in all sections even in small surf and light wind.

  • Wide Squash Tail with Small Wingers
  • Responsive feel for sharp and tight turns
  • Easy to pop and airborne characteristics

The wide squash tail provides a skatie feel with easy release for popping airs and sharp turns.

  • Thin Rail Profile
  • Great rail control in bottom and top turns
  • Perfect grip even at take offs and landings in chopy water

The low buoyancy of the thin rails enhances the control in turns and when getting airborne. The rails cut through choppy water and help with sketchy landings.

  • Single Concave with Channels
  • Channels on nose and tail provide more waterflow to generate drive and speed
  • The shape enhances the responsiveness and adds grip for technical tricks

The innovative channel design balances grip and speed, making the board perfect for the most technical freestyle manouvers.


Eleveight boards are build with dedication, experience and highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe.

Robert Bratz

Founder / Marketing Director

“The Escape Plus is hand made with our innovative CFT construction. It offers a responsive flex and an outstanding pop and lift.”

3D View

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