Peter Stiewe

About Peter Stiewe

Date of birth:
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Guincho, Portugal / Paracuru, Brazil

Peter is one of the founders of Eleveight and the driving force behind all of our product development. He has a strong creative vision backed up by decades of technical experience and his sharp focus and quest for product excellence sets the tone for Eleveight.

“40 years as a water sports practitioner and more than 30 years design and development experience have helped to create a deep and complete connection to my role as Head Designer at Eleveight. Over the years I’ve created more than 1,500 kite prototypes and I still relish the hands on work of flying, testing and analyzing every kite I design. These inseparable and rewarding tasks have become the creative focus of my life and work.
At Eleveight, my twin roles as CEO and Head Designer mean I am focussed on delivering quality and unmatched performance in everything we do. Being able to share this with a dedicated team, that shares my own love of water sports, and professional background creates an unbelievable synergy, for which I am thankful every single day.”