Master V7

Performance Freestyle

The Master will transition you from freeride into high-performance freestyle sending powerful big airs and landing handlepass tricks.

Performance features

  • Advanced construction for freeride to freestyle performance
  • Optimised for the best flex, speed, and pop
  • Comfortably cuts through chop with superior grip and upwind ability
  • Sustainably sourced materials and reduced ecological footprint 
  • Equipped with 45mm G10 fins


136 x 41

139 x 42

142 x 43


Powerful freeride to freestyle

The Master is our renowned shred stick and continues to exceed the expectations of riders with an aggressive style, pushing their limits. Our champion team rider Arthur Guillebert was the driving force to develop every inch of this board to unite the best radical freeride and freestyle performance.

Superior construction and design

The Master is fused with superior design, unmatched materials, and masterful craftsmanship, with a whole bunch of innovative features built in. The 3-D dome deck and bevelled rails vary the thickness of the edges along the board’s outline. This allows the tips to be thinner while increasing stability, helping to release the edge when popping.

Grip and control

Our highly innovative PRS rails improve upwind travel, cut through chop comfortably, and enhance speed, while the Multi Stage Rocker has deep tip channels giving better grip. Holding your edge and staying in control is a breeze, even in raging storms.

Refined flex

Carbon stringer reinforcements on the top and bottom help to refine the flex and increase speed. The Master pops higher than ever before, giving riders more time to execute freestyle tricks.

New for V7

Complete with fresh new graphics, the Master’s design focus was to reduce the ecological impact by using more sustainable materials. Constructed with new plant-based elements including a sustainably sourced paulownia wood core and new GreenPoxy bio-resin, V7 also has greater durability for longevity. The Master not only has a lower carbon footprint, but the plastic-free packaging helps to limit our environmental impact too.

Who is it for?

The Master continues to drive riders that push the limits and is the chosen weapon to get them there. Dedicated to stomping technical freestyle tricks and sent mega loops, the result is our best masterpiece twintip yet!

Riding Characteristics

Freestyle Wakestyle​

Pop, stable landings, park

Freestyle Big Air

Grip, smooth landings, speed


Big windrange, comfort, upwind, carving


Easy to ride, comfort, control

Light wind

Early planning, lightweight, dynamic

Rider Weight
G10 fins – 45mmG10 fins – 45mmG10 fins – 45mm

*Weight tolerance +/- 5%

**Board delivered with fins only

Technical Specifications

  • Multi Stage Rocker
  • Increased grip and pop
  • Great upwind performance and early planing

The Master comes with an elaborate multi-stage rocker, optimized for radical pops and plenty of grip. The early planing also provides excellent upwind performance.

  • Medium flex through center and tips
  • Optimized flex patterns for each size
  • Eats the chop
  • Harder reverse flex and reduced torsional flex

The Master has a unique flex pattern with medium stiffness made for radical performance. It absorbs chop, supports your pop, and features a hard reverse flex with reduced torsional flex for landing advanced manoeuvres.

  • Elliptic outline with rounded tips
  • Great carving ability
  • Beveled rails optimizing flex pattern
  • Parabolic Rail Shape (PRS) for more grip upwind abilities

The outline of the Master features rounded tips for better carving and the bevelled rails define softer and stiffer zones on the board, greatly enhancing the pop and overall performance. Our innovative rails improve grip, upwind travel, and also redirect spray away from the rider.

  • Double concave with rail steps
  • Deep tip channels for more pop
  • Rail steps for more grip and upwind ability

The Master’s bottom shape is all about grip and control. Deep channels on the tip, as well as a double concave direct the water flow for enhanced performance. Rail steps add control and upwind performance.


Eleveight boards are build with dedication, experience and highest quality materials. Each board is shaped to perfection for highest performance and lasting durability. All boards are made in Europe.

Franz Schitzhofer

Board Designer

“The Master has a timeless shape and unmistakable genes - it really is the masterpiece design I'm proud of!”

3D View

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